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Tax-Free Employee Benefits That Require Plan Documents

Flex 125

Section 125 Premium Only Plan Documents (POP) for tax-free group health and supplemental insurance premium - with option to add WRAP SPD.

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Flex HSA

Section 125 POP with Health Savings Account Module allows tax free premium & HSA savings deducted at work.

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Flex FSA

Health Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Plan Documents for tax-free medical, dental, vision expenses.

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Flex 129

Dependent Care Assistance Plan FSA Document to pay tax-free dependent care expenses necessary for work.

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Flex SPD

Wrap SPD Plan Document reuired by the ACA for group health insurance plans to communicate exmplyee rights.

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Flex 132

Section 132 Transit & Parking Arrangement for tax-free Commuter and Parking expenses to commute to work.

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Flex HRA

Health Reimbursements (HRA) Plans for 2+ employee groups for employer-paid tax-free medical benefits.

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Flex 105

Section 105 HRA plan documents for 1 employee or spouse to reimburse medical and premium tax-free.

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Qualified Small Employer HRA for fewer than 50 employees to pay tax-free health insurance premium & medical benefits.

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Individual Coverage HRA for employer-paid tax-free individual (non-group) health insurance premium & medicare.

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Excepted Benefit HRA for employer-paid tax-free dental, vision, ancillary and short term medical insurance & Medicare

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Standalone ERISA Wrap Summary Plan Description

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Benefit Administration by Design (BABD) partners with a 3rd party affiliate for Plan Document Preparation.  Plan Documents purchased by the client are stand-alone documents prepared with information provided by the client and are not managed by BABD.

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