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Kick A** Technology for your FSA, HRA, HSA, COBRA, and State Continuation Administration Needs!!

The BABD Card

Use your card to pay for eligible expenses. Remember to ask for an itemized receipt.


You don't have your BABD card on you? No problem. Submit a claim by logging in to your account.

Client Support

Do you have additional questions? Contact your account manager for individualized attention. Don't know who that is? We can help with that.

Online Portal

Not all itemized receipts are required but for those which are, you can submit by logging in using our online portal or mobile app.

Direct Deposit

Waiting on a claim to be reimbursed? We can send you a hard check or deposit directly to your bank account.

Be Healthy

Be Happy! Be Healthy! Let us know how we can better support you!

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iOS App - BABD
iOS (iPhone) - BABD
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