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The BABD Advantage

Each group has a dedicated Account Manager - that means you can get in direct contact with your account representative instead of calling a customer service line. Dedicated Account Managers...

  • are responsible for supporting and coordinating the implementation and setup of their assigned group's plans.

  • assist with EDI file and system integration coordination as well as plan setup.

  • assist brokers/employers with initial application submissions.

  • provide brokers/employers with compliance support.

  • are your go-to contact for day-to-day substantiation questions and solutions

Our Concierge Customer Service line assists participants with:

  • contacting their dedicated Account Manager for plan-specific assistance

  • checking account balances

  • checking the status of reimbursements

  • updating contact information

  • accessing their online and mobile accounts

  • password/username reset

  • account and mobile app setup


We help build more value for your users with our Technology. BABD provides you with innovation through our payment platform which can quickly and easily adapt to new ideas, capabilities, and code without sacrificing security.

Spanish Support Services are available through a dedicated line to provide all of the above services.

Our concierge approach allows us to tailor our offerings to meet your client's objective.

  • We recognize that one size does not fit all.

  • We offer quick turnaround proposals.

  • We promise a quick response and resolution to you and your clients' questions and concerns.

  • We know that a slow or non-responsive Third-Party Administrator can be a huge headache for a broker and in the worst-case scenario could even jeopardize your client relationships.

  • We offer Plan Document Preparation and Compliance Services. Employee Education Materials are readily available to our partners.

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